Provider Support contact information:
(Please be sure to include the company you work for, the issue you are having, and a way to contact you)
Phone: 859-448-9730
How do I log in?
Your initial login information was sent to the email address that Divisions has listed as the "primary contact" for your company. When you enter www.mydivisions.com as the URL in your web browser, you should be prompted to enter the log in credentials you received. (tip: your user name is typically your email address). On your first visit to the site you will be prompted to change your password.
I forgot my password. How do I reset it?
If you cannot recall your password, you can click the "Forgot Password" link. A new password will be emailed to the email address listed as the primary contact for your company. If you cannot resolve the password reset on your own, please contact Provider Support.
I want one of my employees to have a separate access. How do I get this set up?
Please contact Provider Support (providersupport@divisionsinc.com) to have this employee added as a contact to your account. They can then send a Portal invite directly to that employee.
Who is my DM? How do I find the contact information for my local Divisions Representative?
By navigating to the "Account Settings" page and selecting the last tab (labeled "Divisions information") you can find phone numbers and email addresses for your local Divisions representative.
There is a notice on my dashboard stating my account is currently on hold. How do I get this removed?
The most common reason an account is on hold is because of expired insurance. Go to the Account Settings page then click the “Insurance Information” tab. At the bottom of that page, you can upload your insurance information. On that page, you can also find an example insurance document. Please give us one business day to process your updated insurance and remove hold status.
I need to update my bank account information for my direct deposit. How do I do this?
From the Provider Portal dashboard, click on Account Settings. Then choose the "ACH" upload tab. After submitting your ACH information on the portal, an email will be sent to you. Click on the email link after confirming your ACH information is correct. The link will bring you back to the portal where you will sign in again and confirm your ACH for the last time. Remember, if you have multiple accounts/log ins with Divisions, you will need to change your bank information for each account. This information is directly sent to our systems, so no further action is required.
I want to sign into the Inposition App but was never given a User ID, Company ID or pin.
If you go to Resources, Downloadable Info, you can download our InPOsition App User guide. The second page of the app, shows how to find your Company ID. It shows how to create a username for the app as well.
I'm a new tech with Divisions. Why can I not apply for more than 3 jobs at a time?
As a new technician with Divisions, we want to ensure you're able to handle the workload that Divisions is bringing to your company along with invoicing and checking into our apps. Once you've completed 10 jobs, you will be able to apply for as many jobs at a time.
The "Immediate Attention Needed" box contains invoices that I have already submitted.
Please contact your contact listed on your PO letter. Your PO letter contact will be able to investigate the issue for you.
What if I can’t find my service request or contract?
If you do not see your service request or contract in upcoming services, please contact your contract or service request contact.
Why are there POs listed as expired/cancelled?
These are cases for which service has not been verified, either by check in/out or other confirmation method. It shows as expired because the case is not marked complete by the ETA date. If you think one of your POs are listed as expired when it should not be, please contact the contact listed on your PO letter.
I submitted my invoice through the portal, should I send the paper copy as well?
No. DIvisions doesn't accept paper invoices. Please upload all invoices through the portal. For more information on how to submit an invoice, please reference this tutorial
Where do I send site worksheets, completion forms, and photos?
For any service call invoices (sometimes called non-routine) you will find an "attach file" button at the bottom of the invoice detail page.
What if I submitted the invoice and forgot to attach the site worksheet, completion form, and/or photos?
If a site worksheet, completion form, and/or photos are required, our finance team will mark your invoice as “Do Not Pay”. You will receive an email notification and your invoice will be pushed back into the "Invoices to Submit" tab so you can resubmit with the proper documents attached.
Can I transfer invoice data from Divisions' Portal to my company's accounting software?
On each page of the "Invoices" section, located at the top right of each data table, you will find a blue hyperlink for "Print | Excel". Clicking on the Excel option will export the data to an .xls file, which your accounting software may be able to use to import the information to your own records
Can I transfer data from my own accounting software to Divisions' Provider Portal?
Because of the variety of systems used by Divisions' Providers, we are not able to offer this functionality at this time.
It says I have invoices available to submit, but when I went to the "Invoices to Submit" section, there are no invoices listed.
The "Invoices to Submit" section defaults to contract invoices only. Make sure you click on the service call button to see any non-routine invoices available.
I don’t see my invoice available to submit. What do I do?
  1. Please make sure the work is complete and you checked in and out properly.
  2. Double check your PO that you should have received from Customer Service to verify the information and PO number.
  3. We cannot process more than one invoice for a PO, so if you have already submitted an invoice, then you will not be able to submit another one against that same PO. Please wait until the job is completed to invoice us against that PO.
  4. If you are one of multiple providers on this job, the invoice will not be available for you to submit until the job is completed in its entirety. If you are experiencing issues or need assistance, please contact your PO letter contact.
What information do I need in order to submit my service call invoice?
We require a unique invoice number, description of the work performed, line items for labor, materials, equipment, and trip charges, and any attachments including: site worksheets, completion forms, and photos.
Can I just attach my own invoice instead of breaking out the time and material information on service call invoices?
No, if the invoices are not entered with the full breakdown of time and materials when required, even if the breakdown is attached, it will be marked "Do Not Pay" and returned to the "invoices to submit" tab for you to revise.
I saved a service call invoice as a draft, how do I return to it?
Once you have saved an invoice as a draft, it remains in the data table on the "Invoices to Submit" (tab #2). You will see that the last column shows the status of the invoices as "draft". You can reopen the draft by clicking on the PO number, shown as a blue hyperlink.
I entered my invoice incorrectly; how can I submit a revision?
Please contact your PO letter contact and we will make note on your invoice that you requested to revise. It will then be available for you to resubmit through the Portal.
The information on my contract invoice is incorrect. How do I get it adjusted?
Contact your local Divisions representative, you can find their contact information by navigating to the "Account Settings" page and selecting the last tab (labeled "Divisions information") you can find phone numbers and email addresses.
When are contract invoices available to submit?
They are created on the 25th of the month of service.
I submitted my invoice via the Portal, when do my payment terms start?
The invoice date is now the date of submission on the Portal, so payment terms do not begin until the invoice is submitted.
I have been getting auto paid for landscaping per occurrence contracts that I just check in and out of. Do I need to submit an invoice as well?
No, this process will not change. Invoices will still be auto generated as long as check in/out is used.
I submitted my invoice, when will it move to "in process"?
Please allow 24-48 hours for it to move over. We have to give our systems time to update based on the information you provided.
I have invoices in the "Approved Invoices" tab, when will I be paid on these?
  • Please check your payment terms. The terms will be calculated based on the invoice date. Providers' payment terms are 55 days
  • We do a weekly check run for any invoices due within that next week. Payment is issued on Mondays or the first business day of the week. If you are set up on direct deposit, you should receive the money in your account the next business day. If you receive paper checks, the checks will be mailed on Tuesday.
  • If you want the money sooner than your payment terms, you can elect to take Early Payment with a discount.
What are our payment terms?
Payment terms are subject to periodic review and change from time to time. Divisions will notify vendors of any changes to payment terms on the Divisions Provider Portal site and therefore Providers are encouraged to review these terms on a regular basis.

Subject to the terms and conditions as outlined in the Master Provider Agreement on file, Provider shall issue invoices and any supplemental required information for the Work performed in accordance with the Service Agreement(s). The Service Agreement and proposal shall include all taxes associated with the scope of work. For contracted recurring services, Provider shall invoice Divisions monthly for Work performed during the previous calendar month. For service call work or approved non- recurring contract, Provider shall invoice Divisions in accordance with the requirements of the Service Agreement or Work Order but in no case more than sixteen (16) calendar days after substantial completion of the Work. If Work is not invoiced by Provider within the deadlines set forth in this Section, then Provider shall forfeit any such amounts owed. Invoices must have the following information to process for payment: (a) invoice number; (b) invoice date; (c) Service Agreement number; (d) detailed description of Work provided; and (e) itemized invoice amount. Unless earlier payment is required by law, Divisions will pay Provider undisputed amounts in fifty-five (55) days after approval of the Providers invoice; provided that, notwithstanding any other provision to the contrary, Divisions shall only be liable to pay Provider if and when it receives payment from the Owner or Divisions’ client for the applicable Work invoiced by the Provider to Divisions, and such payment from the Owner or Divisions’ client shall be an express condition precedent to any payment due from Divisions to Provider. The Provider further agrees to remit back to Divisions for any amounts paid where Divisions does not ultimately receive payment from the Owner or Divisions’ client.
I submitted my invoices for Early Pay. How long will it be before we receive payment?
  • Invoices selected before Monday at 2 PM EST, will be deposited the following 1-2 business days, meaning that Divisions authorizes our financial institution to transfer funds to your financial institution within 24-48 hours. Divisions is not responsible for any delays on the part of either party's financial institution.
  • Any invoice selected after Monday at 2 PM EST, will be paid out the following day. 2 PM EST is the cut off each day for Early Pay submission. Anything after that time will process next day.
  • Please note: if there is a bank holiday, payment will be delayed until the next business day.
I cannot submit for Early Pay. What’s wrong?
  • Is your account on hold? Please make sure we have your updated insurance information in order to remove hold.
  • Early Pay can only be submitted once per business day. If you cannot submit, please wait 24 hours from the time of your first submission to try to submit again.
  • Snow Invoices may take 7-10 days before they are available for Early Payment.
My Early Payment submission was more than the direct deposit I received in my bank account. What happened?
  • Please verify that there were not duplicate invoices on the submission. We can only process one for payment when this happens.
  • There are times that invoices are selected for early payment, but they are included in the weekly check run because they are due. These should be included in a separate deposit without the discount taken.
I did not receive my remittance information in an email. How do I pull this information from the Portal?
Go to the "Paid Invoices" section and export the detail to excel. You can then sort or filter on the date paid. The date paid on the Portal is the day it was processed in our system. The funds would not have been deposited until the next business day into your account.
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